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Jacksonville, FL 32259
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Our Approach to Solutions
On Key Technologies provides our customers with the optimal approach to solving business problems:
   A focus on the business needs and the ultimate goal
   Application of the best technology fit to solve the problem
   Proven methods and processes to ensure success of the
      solution - from start to finish
Our services benefit your organization by enabling you to:
    Streamline business and technical processes to drive out cost
    Leverage your existing technology assets and implement new          technology solutions to achieve optimal value
    Implement the right solutions to improve customer service and          be more competitive in the marketplace
Our team averages 20+ years of experience in our respective expertise areas. This enables us to leverage depth in the specific business or technical specialty that is required. In addition to depth of experience, and perhaps even more important to your success, our organization leverages breadth of experience by having experience and knowledge across a wide range of industries and services.

Understand - Assess - Design - Deploy. We believe that solutions delivery begins from the first contact with your business. Our process for defining solutions and achieving results ensures that the ultimate end-product is directly linked to your business needs. A successful solution requires that the end result satisfies the business requirements. This is true in a small project or a large multi-phase project. Our process enables us to clearly identify business requirements, design a solution that supports these requirements, and implement the final product that articulates these requirements.
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